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Recipes & Tips: Food to Heal the People

Kale-Golden Beet Salad-Red Pepper with Cucumber Garnish

Walnut Date Balls (various toppings; very healthy!) & a few homemade chocolates

Daikon Delight! Daikon radish, cucumber, cabbage, golden beet, beans, oil-free dressing

Root Veggie Casserole topped with pecans

Beanzini! Beans, zucchini, squash topped with salsa and "cheezy" nutritional yeast

Simple Garnishing Tools, $8 to $10; Large Carrot Curler & Groovy Groover

Cook Helper Spiral Slicer: the main blade gives lovely cucumber curls, which quickly roll into roses; the second blade turns golden beets, zucchini, etc. into spaghetti. Soooo easy, and looks gourmet! About $49, but I love mine!

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Vitamin Supplements
Helpful Charts & Tips
Egg and Dairy Substitutes
Oil Substitutes
Transition Tips & "Kickstart" Programs
Budget Conscious Tips


Vitamin Supplements

1. TAKE YOUR B-12! SERIOUSLY! Unlike nutritionally poor meat-based diets, a plant-based, whole foods diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes provides an abundance of macro- and micro-nutrients to meet your nutritional needs. But those not eating animals do need one important supplement: B-12!!! Take methylcobalamin B-12, chewable or sublingual, as it is absorbed in the mouth, not the stomach. Have your B-12 levels checked when you get other routine bloodwork.

2. Other Supplements. Some also recommend iodine and zinc supplements. Nearly everyone needs Vitamin D, too, but have your doctor check your levels. You can usually eliminate all the other supplements you were taking (or should have been taking) with an animal-based diet.

Helpful Charts & Tips

Quick Guide for Creating Lunch and Dinner Recipes
Beans Without Gas! Soaking & Cooking Tips
8 Principles for Becoming Plant Perfect, by Ann Esselstyn
Ten Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy on a Vegan Diet, by Ginny Messina, R.D.

Egg and Dairy Substitutes

Egg Substitutes
You *must* try the simple, no cooking, versatile Cashew Creme, regular, sour cream, and whipped creme.
Tips for Milk, Cheese, and Other Dairy Substitutes, sponsored by So Delicious.
The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, by Jo Stepianak.
Susan Voisin's vegan cheese recipes are amazing. Her Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is one of my favorite free online resource for healthy vegan recipes of all kinds, which is why I list her in several places on my site. The fats in her recipes are in the form of nuts, seeds, and avocado or sesame tahini, not in unhealthy extracted oils. Her vegan creamy scalloped potato recipe is amazing; the versatile "cheeze" sauce can easily be portioned into glass jars and stored in the freezer till you want them, then gently heated to thicken and use for pizza, mac n cheeze, broccoli or baked potato topping, etc., but she does have separate recipes for those!

I Couldn't Give Up My Cheese (4 mins.) and Human Milk Dairy (4 mins.), by Vegan Smythe. Okay, so these songs have no recipe tips, but they're funny and help replace "argh" with "ha ha," and that's worth something, eh?

Oil Substitutes

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and others will tell you the importance of eliminating oil, including virgin olive oil. Oils are not whole foods and damage arteries.
  • In most cooking, substitute any liquid! Instead of oil when stir-frying, use vegetable broth (no sodium), water, wine, beer, orange juice, carrot juice, or vinegar.
  • In baking, substitute applesauce, baby food prunes, bananas.
  • In salad dressings, substitute blended/pureed beans or raw nuts or seeds with a bit of miso, vinegar, and seasonings.
  • Flavor foods with fresh or dried herbs instead of oil.
  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman also has great oil substitutes! I highly recommend any of his books.
  • Another great resource is Susan Voisin's Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen: Sinlessly Delicious; "Fat-Free" is a misnomer; like me, she replaces oils with whole nuts, seeds, avocados, etc.
  • Big List of No-Oil Dressings; nearly 40 oil-free dressings from Healthy Girls Kitchen.
  • Healthy Thousand Island Dressing; Yet another of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's most excellent recipes. My fave! This version calls for part almonds and part cashews, but I've always just used cashews.

Transition Tips and "Kickstart" Programs

Caution: To Consider Before You Try Changes ... Do Not Become a Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian, or Raw Foodist (14:34), by ThirdsEye View.

Many pro-vegan organizations have free starter guides and "kickstart" programs that email you a recipe a day for 21 or 30 days to help you get started; a few of these are below.

Your taste buds need time to adjust, and any food cravings mean that you're dealing with a low-grade addiction to fat, sugar, or salt. Ride it out as you would any serious addiction. Giving in to addictions only reinforces them. Learn the science of what causes cravings and obesity and learn reliable tools for change to help you with the transition tips below.

Stay calm when you "backslide" -- we all do, it's part of the process of change and part of being human. When those moments happen, it's important to forgive yourself with full compassion and calmly get back on the healthful path. Avoid at all costs any guilt, shame, or self-blame. And laugh now and then; check out some vegan humor.

Kickstart Your Health--slow, manageable transition steps (Video, 10 mins.), with Dr. Neal Barnard. (Part 4 of a longer presentation)

Step 1. Don’t change your diet; brainstorm meal substitutes without animal products for each meal and keep oils really low. Consider the convenience foods that work for you, such as vegan pizza or bean burrito (no cheese), not animal-based. Pick a few and try them.
Step 2. Three-week test drive for only 3 weeks.
Step 3. Then reassess, keep going.
Comida deliciosa y libre de carne de Compassion Over Killing, COK también ofrece Comida con Amigos, un folleto en español lleno de las versiones vegetarianas de 20 deliciosas recetas culturales, consejos de cocina, y más.
Starter Guide from Try
Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit from PETA
How To Be Vegan by How To Do Things.Com
Vegan Bits
The Three-Step Way to Go Veg of PCRM's Veg Starter Kit
PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart
PAN's 30-day Vegan Pledge Program provides recipes & menu plans. (Social Network).
     Social network for Black folks who are vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians, raw foodists, etc. to share the joys, pains and crazy of their diet/lifestyle. From "newbies" to "veterans".
Vegan Easy Challenge song (2 mins.), by Vegan Smythe. For levity + inspiration.
Vegan Parent (2:32), by Vegan Smythe, Sept. 6, 2012. A tribute to vegan parents, vegan children, and vegan teens. You're our future - be strong!
Vegan Pizza Day 2012 (1:32), by Vegan Smythe, June 23, 2012.
Vegucated (Movie trailer, 3 mins.; full movie is 77 mins.), by (Unitarian Universalist) Marisa Miller Wolfson, Get, 2010.
     Funny! Take a break to enjoy an entertaining documentary. Part sociological experiment and part adventure comedy, Vegucated is an award-winning documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers from different backgrounds who, for six weeks, adopt a vegan diet and a whole new way of thinking about food. DVD includes Nutrition Q&A with Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Tips for the Budget-Conscious

The world's poor have traditionally been "accidental vegans," out of financial necessity. Your best budget deals come from buying beans, rice, nuts, seeds, etc. in bulk. If you can spend extra for organic, do so. In the DC area, I recommend the Takoma Park Silver Spring Food Co-op, Glut, or My Organic Market (MOM's).

Farmers' markets usually, but not always, have better prices. A CSA (community-supported agriculture program) is usually a great bargain if you have the cash to layout in advance.

How to "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day" (33 mins.) with Ellen Jaffe Jones, by FitForTwoTV, Oct. 22, 2012. Marta interviews Ellen Jaffe Jones, Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, Vegan Athlete, Broccoli Rep & Veg Coach.

Vegan Eating on a Budget from Try; not the healthiest vegan foods, but great for starter ideas.

   • Wake up from the advertisers’ disinformation campaigns!
   • Liberate yourself from dietary habits that harm your health!
   • Align your dietary habits with your environmental and animal-loving values.

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