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Young Adults ... Appropriate for most teens to twenty-somethings!


Christmas theme: Justin Bieber Mistletoe Parody (4:07), by Kizz and Cazz, Dec. 7, 2012. Vegan Christmas spoof.

Donít Eat Like a Barbarian (3:32), by Paul Seymour, 4/3/10. Funny song and video with strong message by Aussie/Kiwi songwriter Paul Seymour; the idea originated in the U.S. as a parody of a Hank Green song.

Don't Eat Your Friends (4:40), by the Tofu Twins. Upbeat! Vegan and You Know It (5:57), by Kizz and Cazz, 1/31/12. Spoof of Iím Sexy and I Know It.

Vegan Myths Debunked! (3:03), by Jonathan Mann and Ivory King. Upbeat. Nice back-and-forth Q&A about common questions on veganism.

Vegan StyleóGangnam Style (4:08), by Henya Mania, Oct. 28, 2012. Some sexual content. Parody to Psy - Gangnam Style.

Groovy Vegan Song (2:28), by Vegan Smythe, July 16, 2012. A cool, hip, funky and fun song about being vegan without any pictures of tortured animals, slaughterhouses or educational statistics. Itís just groovy.

Vegan Parent (2:32), Sept. 6, 2012. A tribute to vegan parents, vegan children, and vegan teens. You're our future - be strong!

What I Gotta Do (to make you go vegan) (2:38), by Vegan Smythe.


Twilight Saga, Vegan Parody (12:52), by Henya Mania.

5 Reasons You SHOULDN'T Go Vegan--Debunked (21:50), by Bonny Rebecca.


   • Wake up from the advertisersí disinformation campaigns!
   • Liberate yourself from dietary habits that harm your health!
   • Align your dietary habits with your environmental and animal-loving values.

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