Preparing for Basic Shamanic Training

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Preparation: What You Can Do Right Now

One important task of the Soul's Path program is to become the observer of your thoughts and emotions and to align them and your psychic skills with your soul or "true self." Becoming the observer is a simple practice but one that can take years to become automatic. Another key priority is learning how to access your own deepest inner wisdom. The following free handouts can help. We'll work with them in the classes, but they're fairly self-explanatory, so you can start exploring them anytime.


  1. KeyPoints: Taming Runaway Thoughts & Emotions (2 pages, printable pdf)
  2. Practicing Honest Conversation (2 pages, printable pdf)
  3. Becoming More You: Your True, Infinite Soul-Self (2 pages, printable pdf)
  4. Taming Thoughts & Emotions: Exercises (2 pages, printable pdf)
  5. 10 Ways to Transform Toxic Thoughts (2 pages, printable pdf), by Sandra Ingerman
  6. Writing Your New Story (2 pages, printable pdf)
  7. Ten Tongue Fu Tips (2 pages, printable pdf)

So many of us were taught to be addicted to our thoughts and emotions instead of using them as the feedback tools they were designed to be. They are not supposed to be in charge, and we are not here to serve them; they are here to serve us. Retraining our thoughts and emotions can take years of practice. No time like the present to get started or to take it to the next level. The degree of sovereignty a healer has often equals the power of the healing they can bring through and certainly affects the larger atmosphere/energetic fields, so keep going!
  1. Practice being the observer. Continue any helpful exercises that help you shift to being “the observer” of your thoughts, emotions, and egoic identities, bodily drives, wounds, and reactive states. Notice with objective curiousity, not with judgment or blame, the times that you are unable to be the observer and shift deeply into reactivity. Notice what thoughts, emotions, and situations drain you or nourish you throughout the day.
  2. Practice Writing Your New Story; students, clients, and practitioners alike find this exercise to be quite powerful and transformative.
  3. Notice when you use words like "good", "bad," "right," "wrong", "should." Do you feel drained or nourished by these words? Do they separate you from others or lead to feelings of warmth and community?
  4. Monitor how often and which circumstances trigger any of the following:
    a.) blame, either yourself or others--"I never do that right", "you make me angry"
    b.) shame, either yourself or others--"I should do [x] or "people shouldn't [x], "that's just wrong or evil"
    c.) complaint, either yourself or others--"I hate doing laundry", "It's hard", "they never listen to me"
    d.) limitation, either yourself or others--"I can't do [x]", "he'll never change"

The Journey page of my website has all you need to get started. You can journey at home on your own or attend the monthly journey sessions and follow-up shamanic movie nights; these are free, though small love donations are welcome.

About Your Teacher ...
Mary “Tyrtle” Rooker
     --is a member of Sandra Ingerman’s Shamanic Teachers’ Association,
     --is authorized to teach by Betsy Bergstrom,
     --has studied with world-renowned shamans and healers, and
     --is a licensed minister with the Circle of the Sacred Earth.
For details about her training and credentials, see About Tyrtle.

To schedule an experiential workshop for your group in the Washington, D.C. area, contact Tyrtle.

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