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Vegan Humor & Musical Inspiration


Vegan Cartoons (Facebook Page)
    Check this site regularly, as new cartoons are posted frequently. Some are not-so-funny, others are hysterical.

Clips and Other Stuff

Twilight Saga, Vegan Parody (12:52), by Henya Mania.


Christmas theme: Justin Bieber Mistletoe Parody (4:07), by Kizz and Cazz, Dec. 7, 2012. Vegan Christmas spoof.

Cows with Guns (5 mins.), by Dana Lyons, YouTube, uploaded May 30, 2006.

Cows with Guns: Vegetarian Music and Comedy (59 mins.), Dana Lyons at the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, June 8, 2011
    Free online video; a full hour of Dana's vegan and environmental music and comedy.

Donít Eat Like a Barbarian (3:32), by Paul Seymour, 4/3/10. Funny song and video with strong message by Aussie/Kiwi songwriter Paul Seymour; the idea originated in the U.S. as a parody of a Hank Green song.

My Boots Ainít Made of Leather (4:36), by Paul Seymour, 4/26/10. Rollicking 'country' sounding song with infectious guitar and fiddle riffs.

No Bonez No Blood (in My Kitchen) (4:19), JahSun.

Save the Human, Donít Eat the Planet! (6:33), 3/2/09. Donít change the climateóchange your diet! This song presents environmental data musically. Inspiring, uplifting.

Tired of Waiting to Poo (2:38), by Vegan Minstrel, April 29, 2012. Funny parody of the old Kinksí song, Tired of Waiting

Tofu (4:01), by Big Fat Vegan Radio Parody of Cee Lo Greenís ďF*** You.Ē

Too Much Chicken (4:05), by Macka B. Vegan and You Know It (5:57), by Kizz and Cazz, 1/31/12. Spoof of Iím Sexy and I Know It.

Vegan Myths Debunked! (3:03), by Jonathan Mann and Ivory King. Upbeat. Nice back-and-forth Q&A about common questions on veganism.

Vegan Smythe Songs. Smythe is a Melbourne, Australia-based singer, songwriter and comedian.Too funny! Vegan StyleóGangnam Style (4:08), by Henya Mania, Oct. 28, 2012. Some sexual content. Parody to Psy - Gangnam Style.

Vegetarian Unlimited (4:46), by Unlimited Culture, Reggaeville

We Are the Vegans (2:09), by Gerard Kenney and Daniel Thompson.

Song with images of the many vegans (except that Paul McCartney is vegetarian, not vegan, as far as I know).

Wha Me Eat (4:44), by Macka B. Why Must We Eat the Animals?, by Cipes. Song about Ahimsa or no harm. Uplifting, kid-Friendly video if you explain Ahimsaís no-kill approach to life.

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