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What Graduates Say ...

"I was already a massage therapist, Reiki Master, and student of Shamanism when I took Mary Tyrtle's program. I did so to fill in (healer's level) gaps that I hadnít learned yet, such as soul retrieval, depossession, and vibration healing. Little did I know that the most important classes were the Sovereignty School [Life Compass] classes. They truly are the foundation for all healing work.

Understanding yourself, your abilities and limits, and how to keep yourself whole is not only powerful but life changing. I learned so much in those classes that I now talk to most of my clients about them keeping their sovereignty. This is the only program Iíve seen that really prepares you to be able to do your best work not only for your clients but for yourself."

—Susan, 2015-2016 graduate

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"I started Mary Tyrtle's [healer] program out of curiosity. It became a life-changing experience that turned into a profession. Her program is unique because of how she incorporates the teachings of highly respected sources...with her own considerable experience. Students get different perspectives and lots of guidance—but without dogma.

She is a warm, generous, quietly passionate, and highly dedicated teacher, and if you want a model of how to live a healthy, holistic, community-involved, and socially progressive life, you'll find her to be that, too. My fellow students quickly became a new community: I feel like I can call on anyone for assistance, and I made a couple of strong friendships that continue to grow."

Eric Weinstein, 2007 graduate

2018-2019 Soul Compass Path
August 2018-April 2019; meets 9 days over 9 months, 9:30 am-5:30 pm in Alexandria, VA
Aug. 18 (Orientation); Aug. 19, Sept. 23, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Dec. 16, Jan. 19, Feb. 16, March 16, April 13
Instructor: Stephanie Seger, Eagle Therapies; email or phone/text (571) 306-3197.
Course Outline   |   Registration   |  About the Program
Get the real you in charge of your life; find and follow your true inner compass.

  • Totals 63 hours of training + between-class practices
  • Prerequisites: none, other than Stephanie's acceptance of your application
  • Each class: $75-$200 Sliding Scale; Installment payments are fine.
2018-2019 Practitioner Path
PART 1: AUG. 18, 2018-APR. 13, 2019; Soul Compass Path; meets 9 days, once a month; details above
PART 2: MAY-NOV 2019; Healing Modalities; meets 5 two-day weekends plus 2 three-day weekends and 2 four-day weekends, about 3 weeks apart, + three or more half-day demos and practice clinics
Part 2 Instructor: Mary "Tyrtle" Rooker (email)  |  Syllabus  |  Instructions, Requirements
Application Form 2019 Practitioners Path--Forthcoming
  • Totals 200 hours of training + Between-class practices
  • Pre-requisites: completion of Compass program with Stephanie Seger (above) or equivalent training; see Instructions, Requirements
  • $1,200 to 3,000 Sliding Scale; At the $1,200 level, that's only $6.45/hour; at $3,000, it's $16.13/hour.
If you have already completed practitioner-level training with another teacher or school, please let me know. You may qualify for selective trainings and not have to take the entire program.

Contact Tyrtle if you aren't sure whether this program is right for you or if you have any questions.

What is "Sliding Scale?" "Sliding scale" allows you to pick the price that's most appropriate for your budget and situation within the given range. For example, if the workshop fee is $60-$95, you could pay $60 or $75 or $90 or $95.

About Your Teachers ...
PART 1: Stephanie Seger
PART 2: Mary ďTyrtleĒ Rooker
     --is a member of Sandra Ingermanís Shamanic Teachersí Association,
     --is authorized to teach by Betsy Bergstrom,
     --has studied with world-renowned shamans and healers, and
     --is a licensed minister with the Circle of the Sacred Earth.

To schedule an experiential workshop for your group in the Washington, D.C. area, contact Tyrtle.

To learn more about shamanism, see Links and Resources.

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