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What Graduates Say ...

"I was already a massage therapist, Reiki Master, and student of Shamanism when I took Mary Tyrtle's program. I did so to fill in (healer's level) gaps that I hadnít learned yet, such as soul retrieval, depossession, and vibration healing. Little did I know that the most important classes were the [Everyday Shamanism for Everyone] classes. They truly are the foundation for all healing work.

Understanding yourself, your abilities and limits, and how to keep yourself whole is not only powerful but life changing. I learned so much in those classes that I now talk to most of my clients about them. This is the only program Iíve seen that really prepares you to be able to do your best work not only for your clients but for yourself."

—Susan, 2015-2016 graduate

Everyday Shamanism for Everyone!

The programs offered by the instructors below get the real you, your soul, in charge of your everyday life. Great for anyone!

Graduates are eligible to apply for the Shamanic Spring Practitioner Path ("healers") training and apprenticeship and other advanced shamanic workshops.

  • Alexandria, VA: Stephanie Seger (webinar options may be available) Website | Email Stephanie | Call/text (571) 306-3197
  • Columbia, MD: Carla Gates Email Carla | Call/text (410) 370-4768
  • Louisa, VA: Kim Gerlach (webinar options may be available) Email Kim | Call/text (540) 308-5616
  • Springfield, VA: Wanda Hudgins Email Wanda  |  Call/text (571) 228-3707

To schedule an experiential workshop for your group, contact Mary.

To learn more about shamanism, see Links and Resources.

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